Tuesday, October 31, 2017

A Modern Progressive Today on Printing - Vinyl Cutting Machine.

Before we only know that printer can only print out the letter or image on the paper. But for a modern progressive today, our technology always update every day and sometime we are really surprised with this progressive like the below image is not a printer as we seen. But it is a new technology of cutting machine that can cut exactly image on the paper or a lot of other materials very extremely cool with quality. If you want to see more cool tech of this machine you can go to this tech site: https://10techy.com/best-vinyl-cutting-machines/. Let's us check out and learn something new together with this new tech machine.

Click on image to view more detail about this cutting machine.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Modern Progressive Khmer - Cambodia development

Khmer right now is more and more getting progressive all sectors, especially in technology. In the past 10 years, a lot of Cambodian people don't know yet what is call Internet. Even the computer they still don't know how to turn it on or even shut down it off.
But right now, in Cambodia there are a lot of people understand clearly about technology, especially the Internet. And there are some bloggers they can earn huge of money from the Internet every day and some they leave from job and start their living by depend on money from the Internet by their cool way. This we can call a new progressive for modern Khmer people right now.

But however, if we compare technology knowledge in Cambodia to others nearby countries is still limited. Actually it is just a move to future technology for Cambodian. So Cambodia development is on the right way to convert itself to be a developed country for the near future.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Travel in Cambodia - A Progressive Tour

Travel in Cambodia right now is getting more easy and easy than before. Because all the tour places there are a lot of good services and we can find food easily in the cheap price. Recently there are a lot of new places that we just found in the jungle or in deep forest such as waterfall, temples and other culture places.

Example Tmor Roung is new popular place for tourism who wish travel in Cambodia. Tmor Roung is wonderful waterfall that we just found and manage it to be a nation tourism park

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Progressive in Stung Treng - Cambodia

In Cambodia, Stung Treng province – there are a lot of schools right now that is a good chance for Khmer child to get knowledge for their future.

A lot of people living there Stung Treng province that is a far a way province from Phnom Penh they are all happy with this development from Cambodian government who build a lot of school and have a lot of good teachers to share their experience and their knowledge to Cambodian children who are the core for development in Cambodia.

All the children in Stung Treng they are happy to go to school and happy for their future bright. It is a new progressive in Stung Treng province in Cambodia.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Chhit Sochearta - Art Progressive

In Cambodia, Khmer art progressive in modeling, film or movie is moving very fast especially in Karaok or song mp3 etc.

 If we look to the past, Khmer art progressive in modeling and movie is more attractive than before.

Chhit Sochearta (ឈិត សុជាតា) តារា​សម្តែង – ពិធីការិនី – A Top Khmer Actress and MC star.